Teen Mom, Amber Portwood


Teen Mom's Amber Portwood has decided to show her commitment to her daughter by getting a huge tattoo of the child's face on her stomach. RadarOnline posted the photo, and it's disturbing. The drawing isn't great; I suspect that she got it done by somebody who has not yet completed tattoo school, or Chuy did it. Amber has been under a lot of scrutiny lately so I guess this is her way of letting us know she's a borderline-amazing mother. It is better than when people get their lover's name tattooed on their body. That almost always ends in a breakup and with someone trying to figure out what letters to add to make the tattoo say something else. But from what I've heard about this girl there's a 99-percent chance she's going to get pregnant again. When she does, that stomach tattoo will go from looking like a bad drawing of her daughter to a bad drawing of Kirstie Alley.

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