Teen Mom, Amber Portwood


Now that many of MTV's Teen Mom castmembers are nearing their 20s, MTV is reportedly looking for a new crop of teens to star on their show. So...they're looking for pregnant teenagers. An "industry insider" told Popeater that many girls are getting knocked up so that they can score an audition. This is taking things a little too far. It's been enough torture that we have to hear about Bristol Palin every day since she became famous for getting pregnant. I've seen a few of those Teen Mom girls and honestly it doesn't really look like things are going great. One of them has been arrested for beating up her boyfriend and apparently served her sentence in a tanning bed because she recently emerged a shade of orange that would make Snooki roll over on her Corona. I want these girls to understand that they don't have to get pregnant to be on a reality show. There are so many other opportunities out there and they're a lot more fun; like stripping your way on to Bret Michaels' slut bus, eating your face off until The Biggest Loser calls, or making a mean cup cake and taking it to war.

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