Jersey Shore Cast

MTV/Emily Shur

Barbara Walters has revealed 8 of the 10 people on her "Most Fascinating" list, and once again Chuy didn't make the cut. Obviously she's never seen him do downward dog.  

Among the list makers are Justin Bieber, Sarah Palin, Jennifer Lopez and the cast of The Jersey Shore.  

I think Barbara needs to re-think her game plan. I have no problem with my little Bieber making the list, but since it's not 2003 Jennifer Lopez shouldn't be on there. The only thing "fascinating" about Sarah Palin is her ability to say really stupid shit with complete confidence.  

As for the Jersey Shore cast, she might be right. It's fascinating that they've invented a new shade of orange, it's fascinating that most of them can read, and it's fascinating that "The Situation" isn't just the name of a new strand of syphilis.   

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