Ashley Dupre, Eliot Spitzer

AP Photo/Tim Roske

Ashley Dupre, the call girl who became famous for sleeping with Eliot Spitzer, has a new weekly column in the NY Post.  The column is a way for Ashley to dispense "love advice." 

I don't know that a woman who is paid to sleep with married men is the best person for people to be taking advice from, unless your name is Tiger Woods' wife. 

One of the questions sent in to Ashley was regarding how to tell if a man isn't happy in a marriage.  Ashley's stellar advice was that a woman with children needs to make her marriage a priority so that the guy feels loved and doesn't stray.  She didn't mention how a man can make a woman feel loved, though.  I'm assuming in Ashley's mind, it would be for him to pay her in cash. 

I guess as far as the column goes…good for her.  She's like Carrie Bradshaw but for hookers.

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