Talk about a nightmare!

Botched patient Lauren still hasn't recovered from a bad rhinoplasty that left the tip of her nose misshapen because she was awake during the whole procedure. Her previous doctor put her under a twilight sleep but she remained conscious throughout the surgery.

"They told me I'd be under Twilight. I was awake the whole time," Lauren tells Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif in this preview from Thursday's episode.

"You don't remember him going like, ‘Tap, tap, tap, tap,' do you?" Dr. Nassif asks.

"I remember all of that," Lauren says. "Whatever he was doing up in there, I remember the whole thing."

Botched 412, Lauren


"If you don't give them the right amnesthic medication, which makes you forget everything, you're going to remember everything, especially like when they're breaking you're nose and fracturing your bones," Dr. Nassif explains.

Dr. Dubrow adds, "Waking up in the middle of a surgery gives you a posttraumatic stress disorder a lot of the times and it can make you forever afraid of having surgery again."

"I do have that, yes," Laure answers. 

So what can the doctors do? Watch the clip to find out!

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