Here's a test for true Beyoncé fans, courtesy of James Corden—can you name the songs mentioned in this late-night soap opera. 

In a new sketch, The Bold and the Lyrical, Meg Ryan, Adam Scott and Corden tapped into all of the emotions to give the audience a soap opera episode they could sing along to. 

While the three actors found themselves in the midst of a love triangle, they put a comedic spin on the drama by only using lyrics from Beyoncé's seemingly endless library of songs, including the ones she made with Destiny's Child

Line by line, they made not-so-subtle references to "Say My Name," "Crazy in Love," "***Flawless," "Irreplaceable" and even the surfboard from "Drunk in Love."

While they had an impressive groove going, Scott suddenly made a faux pas when he accidentally used a Lady Gaga lyric from "Bad Romance." 

Despite the minor flub, the segment finished strong with this ultimate breakup line from Corden—"I don't think you're ready for this jelly, because my body's too bootylicious for you, babe."

Someone give this man an Oscar, asap. 

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