Fernanda Castillo, No Manches Frida

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Fernanda Castillo's new role will make you do a double-take.

The 34-year-old actress has flawlessly transitioned from telenovelas in Mexico to being a badass on Telemundo's El Señor de los Cielos and simultaneously making us laugh in her new film No Manches Frida

And fans are in for a surprise because she's really taken a step out of her comfort zone in this new comedy.

"I play a schoolteacher, who is more interested in being considered popular with her among her students than actually being a teacher. It's a role full of comedy. She's a very fun person, but not much of a teacher, she's unfiltered and just says whatever comes to mind," Castillo tells E! News.

Fernanda Castillo, No Manches Frida

Pantelion Films

As we know having actor Omar Chaparro in any film promises laughs on and off the screen. 

"This was such a fun cast, without a doubt the chemistry between all of us is reflected in the film. A movie's energy has a lot to do with the cast and all of the people working around the film, and you can see that on the screen. We all just really clicked," Castillo said. "This is honestly my first time doing comedy, I have always been a part of a different type of genre. I also come from playing a really strong and different character on El Señor De Los Cielos, it's a completely different world, and this cast really helped me to jump into comedy. They were really generous with me, we had a great time and it was just really easy for us."

Castillo plays the worst teacher kind of teacher to have (if you want to learn anything), but she remembers once having a teacher that was quite the opposite.

"I had a history teacher in my last year of high school, and he was very strict and respected. He was very passionate about history, and he really made you sit back and think. I remember him saying that ‘You have to you not memorize important dates in history but truly learn about them because some of the biggest mistakes of humanity happen because we don't learn from past errors,'"she explained. "I think that message stuck with me and made me believe that you also need to know as a person where you're from and what were your past mistakes. If you don't know where you came from, it's difficult to know where you're going. He and his message have always stayed with me."

Latin American Music Awards, Fernanda Castillo

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The Mexican actress is now working in the United States, but she always keeps in mind that she's a part of a much bigger picture.

"Being a Latina in Hollywood is an honor, but also a great responsibility. I think Latinos are people that work extremely hard in the United States, and we're people that have help build this great country, it's important for us to represent each other with our head held high pridefully. As a Latina in Hollywood, Spanish-language products in the United States is what connects everything, I'm aware of that. So it's important for all the movies and shows to have a high level of quality, because when they hear Spanish, that needs to be a representation of all that."

Fernanda will soon be touring the United States and Mexico with her boyfriend Erik Hayser, the two have produced and created, Wake Up Women, a play about domestic abuse. You can also catch her next year on El Señor de los Cielos' season 5. 

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