If Jen Saviano has any hard feelings about Nick Viall turning Bachelor, she didn't let them show on tonight's After Paradise finale. 

"I'm good. I'm doing good," she told host Michelle Collins. "Nick is the Bachelor, there's definitely mixed emotions about that, but I've moved on, and I'm doing good." 

To help Jen in her moving on, Collins had famed astrologer Susan Miller on the phone to weigh in on Jen's romantic future, and she explained that Jen was sure to end up with a "powerful man," which truly sounds like a win for her. 


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Elsewhere on After Paradise, Collins, cohost Sean Lowe, and guest Nikki Glaser caught up with each of the engaged couples to find out how they're doing now that the show has ended. 

Grant Kemp and Lace Morris are living together in San Francisco, and are about to move into a bigger apartment down the hall from Grant's former "bachelor pad."  

Carly Waddell and Evan Bass are also moving in together in Nashville, but haven't done any wedding planning yet. They have, however, worked through all the horrible things Carly said about Evan during the show. Evan almost thought it was hilarious. 

"If it wasn't me, I'd really be laughing, probably," Evan said. 

Evan also revealed that his illness was for real, and he was actually sent to the hospital for real reasons, and that hospital visit just happened to be what brought Carly back to him. 

Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton are also madly in love, and Josh has moved to Orange County to be with Amanda and her daughters. 

The happy couple weighed in on the rumors about Josh, fueled by Andi's book, saying that even after watching the show, Amanda still wasn't bothered by what was said. 

"He was always so sweet to me and so genuine," she said. 

"I'm a very passionate person. I get intense when I start hearing things that are not true," Josh added. "And half of me is having to fight back and defend myself, and half of me is like, just be a good person. Sometimes I may not have handled myself in the best manner." 

Regardless of how you feel about one or both of them, you can't deny that they really seem to care about each other. So that's nice! 

Check out the video above to hear what Evan and Carly have to say about Josh and Amanda, as well as Nick as the Bachelor! 

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