Celebrity Closets


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When you're an exclusive member of the rich and famous, a knockout closet is practically an essential. 

Hollywood's finest pieces of real estate in the closet department belong to the following list of fashionistas, among them Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and Blake Lively

In between jets to Tokya, Cannes or Cuba, the ladies return home to their dreamlike walk-in closets to revisit the items of their iconic wardrobes, whether it's a Cinderalla-inspired ball gown or custom Balmain. 

Whatever the occasion, season or style, celebrity closets house the foundations to many of the industry's most celebrated looks, complete with seemingly endless sets of Christian Louboutins and drawers filled with antique jewels. 

Kylie Jenner Closet

The closet serves far more than just utility for Hollywood's most celebrated figures—they're almost like museums dedicated to the star they belong to. Take, for example, Jennifer Lopez. After nearly two decades, her iconic green plunging Versace chiffon gown from the 2000 Grammy's still hangs on a mannequin in her walk-in.

Much like a mirror, celebrity closets reflect the owner in fashion and function—Paris Hilton has built an entire space around her colorful heels, while Khloe Kardashian dedicated a room of her house solely to organizing her workout wear. 

As the old adage goes—to the each their own. Without further adieu, take a peek inside some of the most famous closets in Hollywood. Pinterest boards at the ready!

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