The Muppets, Limitless


Are you down with the brain drugs and the puppets? 

It's night two of the glorious return of fall TV, and tonight's new offerings were quite the treat. First, we got to see the "controversial" revival of The Muppets, which was really just as perverted as the Muppets have always been, with just a little 2015 flavor thrown in.

ABC's The Muppets landed at a respectable no. 10 when we ranked all the new fall shows, mostly due to the plain and simple fact that if you are not a Muppet fan, you will not like The Muppets. If you are a Muppet fan, however, the show makes for some pretty solid Muppety fun, wouldn't you agree? 

The series, which takes some elements from both The Office and 30 Rock, features an insane number of celebrity cameos, from Elizabeth Banks to Josh Groban to Alex Trebek to Liam Hemsworth, who all show up to either woo or be interviewed by Miss Piggy on her new late night show. 

Then, it was time for CBS' Limitless, in which the illustrious Bradley Cooper to make his return to the small screen with a minor role in the TV reboot of the movie he was once in. The movie could have been better, but in our humble opinion, the show makes for a pleasant surprise. We ranked it at number 8 on our list!

Limitless stars Greek alum Jake McDorman as a guy named Brian who discovers the brain-enhancing power of the drug NZT-48, which of course makes him very interesting to FBI agent Rebecca Harris (Jennifer Carpenter). The series also stars Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and Hill Harper, with occasional appearances by BCoops himself. 

Now, it's your turn to weigh in! Did The Muppets slay you? Did Limitless thrill you? Or are you totally "meh" on both? 

Vote in the polls below, and then head to the comments to sound off! 

The Muppets: Love It or Hate It?
What did you think of The Muppets?
Limitless: Love It or Hate It?
What did you think of Limitless?
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