Prince Harry

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There's just something about Prince Harry.

Sure, he's had some major snafus over the years, as you'd expect of any rich, famous and literally entitled young man in this day and age to have. But unlike so many others, the redheaded royal really seems to have matured over the years, almost as if...

Gasp...almost as if he's growing up or something!

Today Prince William's younger brother, the fifth in line to the British throne now that he's an uncle of two, turns 31, having spent the first year of his thirties being a perfect gentleman for all intents and purposes. And it can't be easy to maintain an heir, er, air of propriety when you're one of the most eligible bachelors in the world and the salivating national tabloids just can't wait for you to either get engaged, get naked or carelessly invoke memories of a fascist regime.

Prince William, Prince Harry

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Whether he remains the fancy-free young scamp he once seemed to be or not, he maintains a roguish gleam in his eye that promises he's still up for a heck of a match on the rugby pitch, a rollicking good time over a pint and—if ever given the opportunity again—a night in Vegas worthy of a Katy Perry song.

And maybe because Will is already settled down, or because there are just so many royal weddings and babies to keep track of these days, we're fine with Harry staying just the way he is for as long as he likes. As far as we're concerned, he's doing his part for the monarchy by being so darn likable (not everyone is blessed with preternatural appeal, you know).

Prince Harry

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From his days as a wee lad toddling around the palace grounds and walking the halls of Eton to his time spent piloting helicopters in Afghanistan and trekking in the South Pole on behalf of wounded veterans, he's given us plenty of memorable moments to appreciate.

Of course we were hard-pressed to limit ourselves to the number of candles on his birthday cake, but we did the heavy lifting for you and here they are: 31 dashing pictures of Prince Harry in honor of his birthday (OK, and maybe one more to grow on). Enjoy!

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