The Royals, James Lafferty

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James Lafferty just got his royal introduction.

The One Tree Hill actor teamed up once again with the show's creator Mark Schwahn to direct an episode in the second season of E!'s hit series The Royals, which Mark also created.

In anticipation of the series' juicy premiere, E! News chatted with James, who played Nathan Scott on The CW drama, about the Tree Hill reunion, his experience on set and what fans can expect from this upcoming season.

"It's going to be a very, very intense season," James says. "There's a lot happening and it moves very quickly. It's going to be one of those seasons where you're not going to want to miss an episode."

Although he admits he was big fan of the first season and watched every episode, he never expected to get an opportunity to direct.

"It was a fantastic experience, but it was completely out of the blue," he says. "I had no idea it was coming. I had felt really good about my experiences directing One Tree Hill and I guess Mark thought I didn't do too poorly, so he asked me to come along. I was grateful and surprised at the same time."

James was so grateful for the chance he shared an Instagram pic from the set two weeks ago with the caption, "Thank you Mark Schwahn and every last one of the talented, hardworking cast and crew of @theroyalsone, for letting me be part of their well-deserved 2nd season. Tune. In."

So, what was it like to work with the show's stars Elizabeth Hurley, William Moseley and Alexandra Park? As one would expect, it was great.

"They're fantastic," he says. "They get along and feed off each other really well. The energy is definitely electric when they're on set. They all love being there, they all take it seriously and they care a lot about their jobs."

And now that James has got a taste of the royal life, he says he wouldn't rule out a guest-starring role in the future.

"That would be awesome," he says.

But there could be one minor problem.

"My British accent needs work," he says. "I thought it was great then I came out here and heard the real ones. I realized I was a joke."

Perhaps one of his One Tree Hill co-stars could fill in for him instead?

"Probably, Paul Johansson," James says when asked which OTH alum would make the best fit on The Royals. "I think you could stick that guy in anything and he could make it interesting."

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