John Mayer, Bob Saget

Roshan Perera

Oh, to be a fly on the wall during dinner chats between John Mayer and Bob Saget.

The unlikely duo caught everyone's attention Wednesday night when they stepped out to grab a bite to eat at Los Angeles eatery Craig's.

The former Full House star was spotted behind the wheel after the meal, with Katy Perry's ex in the passenger seat, and the longtime pals even waved to photographers as they left the swanky restaurant.

And while the famous stars' bromance may come as a shock to many, these two have actually quite a history behind their close bond.

Aside from the guys giving each other a ton of love on social media, Mayer also recently performed at one of Saget's charity functions for Cool Comedy.

Sure, these two may not seemingly have a lot in common, but there's definitely more than what meets the eye for Saget and Mayer.

And they're not alone! Check out the pics below of other random celebrity pals—you'll be shocked!

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