Peter Vack, Just Want My Pants Back


She's ba-aaack!

Yes, Jason's (Peter Vack) dream girl/pants-stealing one night stand is coming back to MTV's new hit I Just Want My Pants Back...without the storied pants, but with plenty of angst to make up for it. How do we know she-who-gave-Jason-a-fake-number is returning? Why, we got our hands on exclusive trailer!

Job changes, new love interests, snappy one-liners, here's what you can expect from the rest of the season on I Just Want My Pants Back (trust us, it's awesome)...

The two-minute clip, which features footage from the season's final four episodes, drops a series of bombshells on us about our favorite group of twenty-somethings living and playing in Brooklyn.

Of course, Jane's (Kelli Barrett) reappearance is the biggest of all and is sure to mess with the relationship Jason is currently in. Here's hoping she doesn't steal his jeans and ditch again. We don't think poor John can handle losing the girl and another pair of pants a second time. 

Jason's BFF Tina (Kim Shaw), who always goes for the wrong hipster, will find someone older who she really, really likes and we're excited to see that side of her finally! As for Stacy (Elisabeth Hower) and Eric (Jordan Carlos) aka that couple? Yeah, they're about to hit a rough patch when he decides he might want to leave med school and become a hobo, or at least that what Stacy fears he'll become.

Don't miss an all-new episode of I Just Want My Pants Back, directed by Doug Liman, tonight at 11 p.m. on MTV. And then come back here and prepare for the Apr. 5 finale by watching this trailer over and over again.

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