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Is Woody Allen’s Scarlett Johansson obsession sliding into a Friends fetish?

Perhaps, as Allen may be courting Jennifer Aniston for an upcoming film. Allen and Aniston, joined by his wife Soon Yi, were spotted dining at Beverly Hills staple Madeo last night.

There's speculation Allen may be interested in featuring Aniston in a forthcoming project, and E! News can confirm that Woody indeed has a new film brewing.

“It’s top secret, we’ve barely heard anything,” industry sources tell us. “But he’s definitely writing it.”

The untitled project, currently slated for a Fall 2009 release, is currently in a drafting phase, yet production notes indicate that the film is a romance.

The last time audiences saw Aniston tackle a romantic lead was in Rob Reiner’s disastrous Rumor Has It... in 2005.

The 39-year-old actress will take another crack at the genre this Christmas with the forthcoming Marley & Me, alongside Owen Wilson.

The film would be the first collaboration between Aniston and the acclaimed director.

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