Jessica Simpson

Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

Jessica Simpson gets a cover story in the upcoming People dedicated to how in love the reinvented country star is at the moment. In fact, she’s so in love right now, she doesn’t journal in black notebooks anymore—she uses pink and white ones.

The interview was like any other chronicling her love life, because that's all this girl seems to be about. Divorcing Nick Lachey was sad times, dating John Mayer was weird and Tony Romo is currently perfect.

About this perfect man, she has this to declare: “I just told him today, ‘You’re the love of my life.’ ” Oof, last time she said that about someone, it ended one of MTV's greatest reality shows.

But hey, she goes on to say her e-mail address and phone number have been changed to avoid any contact with the dreaded exes, so maybe we should just forget about them, too.

See, we really just want Jess to be happy—because when she’s happy, we’re happy. When she’s sad, we journal in black notebooks along with her, and when she wears a corset under her cowboy shirt at state fairs, we definitely do that, too.

And best of luck to you, Tony! Now that she's confessed in the article to picking out your clothes, you're gonna need it.

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