Kirsten Dunst

Anthony Dixon / WENN

Fresh off his Drew Barrymore relationship, Justin Long and Kirsten Dunst were spotted over the weekend "making out hard-core while waiting in line for margaritas." We're not surprised, it all seems pretty obvs.

Are they even trying with this Desperate Housewives promo? Previous years were these stylized stories shot by David LaChapelle. This new one is pretty ladies acting silly in evening gowns like they're Cameron Diaz or something.

Kim Kardashian pulls through her sliced toe incident and dons Louboutins. That's why she's a star, kids.

So, Tara Reid has some sort of clothing line. That's how scary this Hollywood place has become.

Whitney from The Hills appears to have a different love interest than that perfect model boy MTV has been teasing. This one looks like Justin Bobby but with even more amazing hair.