Harry Shum Jr.

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We all know Harry Shum Jr. as the abtastic dance king of Glee. In fact, one of our all-time favorite numbers on the show is his performance with Matt Morrison to "Make 'Em Laugh"—we just adore Harry.

So after we bugged him about Glee stuff, we had to hear about his other awesome project, The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers (LXD) web series, which has become a bona fide viral hit. Not only did he share all the goods on LXD, but we also managed to get him to spill on Mike Chang's New Directions journey for the rest of the season:

"We have about five or six more episodes left, so it's getting down to the wire. Are we even going to make it to Nationals? And in between all that there is obviously going to be some tension between the glee clubbers and everyone else," Harry tells us about Fox's smash hit musical comedy. Whoa, New Directions not making it to Nationals? In what world?

Harry wouldn't say much more on the subject, but he did promise Mike would get more time to shine. "There is going to be another [number] where, if you look at the promo, you might be able to tell who Mike Chang is dancing with, but it's someone you wouldn't expect. That's coming up soon," he teases. "And there are more moments where you're going to see Mike not only by himself but teaming up with people and bringing some great entertainment."

Speaking of great entertainment, Harry was also proud to point out that Mike and Tina were the longest-lasting couple on the show. "They have had their bumps this past season, small little obstacles, but they get through them. I hope they stay strong," he says. "I think we hold the record for the longest relationship on Glee. And we are proud of that, but there still are a couple more episodes left so anything can happen. One episode can turn it all around."

The LXD, DVD Cover

Of course, Harry is more than just the "other Asian" on Glee. He's also one of the stars of The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers. What's that you say? You are unaware of LXD? Tell 'em all about it, Harry! "This show represents how dance, as far as how it's being told, is very different," he tell us. "The first season is about the origins and how these characters got their powers, and the second season goes through the storyline of where these characters are going—and then there is a battle between good and evil." Translation please, Harry? "I think the best way to describe it is that you're going to see some amazing dance and see these guys put in situations where they are going to have to choose one side between good and evil through dance."

Seasons one and two of LXD are out on DVD now, and Harry confirmed to us that season three is definitely coming up. "We are working on season three," he says. "We are putting the story together, and the scripts are coming in right now. We don't have an exact date on it yet but we are currently in preproduction right now." And Harry insists the third season won't just be all about good and evil and badass dance moves. "Season three is going to explain the mythology. There were a lot of questions that were unanswered, because season two left us in a cliffhanger, and we are going to try and answer them in season three and also see how it pans out with our heroes and where they're going to go after that."

Glee (returning tonight!), and LXD on DVD means you all get more Harry Shum Jr. And that's never a bad thing. Check out the LXD featurette below and prepare for much more dancing domination in your future.

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