Katy Perry
William & Kate's Royal Wedding

And here we thought that if you married a British guy, you were in!

Alas, Katy Perry has been left off the guest list for next month's royal nuptials. But she has a plan...

"I'm not invited, but am I going to be there? Yes!" the pop star told the U.K.'s 95-106 Capital FM. "I'm definitely crashing that wedding."

We'd of course like to see her try, but we hear security's going to be rather tight.

"I love all the monarchy stuff," Perry continued. "Me and [hubby Russell Brand] watch things all about the history. We want to go to the Tower of London, we were at Windsor Castle the other day...We watch all the movies and documentaries."

We can only imagine the sort of tutorials going on at the Brand-Perry home.

"I am a subject of the British crown, so I'm an expert on this topic," Brand told Conan O'Brien in November right after Prince William and Kate Middleton announced their engagement. "What this is, is the aristocracy are planning to clatter their genitals at each other, but first they swap expensive jewels."

So now that Perry's been studying up, what does she think would make an appropriate wedding gift?

"I'm sure they'll get some kind of grape shears, or something that you don't absolutely need, but it's like dipped in different silvers, like, ‘Oh, this belonged to Queen Elizabeth II!'" she suggested, feigning an English accent.

But if the Teenage Dreamer doesn't get to see William and Kate swap vows in person (which she most likely won't), she can just buy the album version!

The entire royal ceremony, including the vows, blessings and all musical accompaniment, will be available on iTunes and other digital-download sites just hours after the April 29 service, after which it will be available on CD, cassette and—gasp!—vinyl on May 5.

"The wedding means so much to millions of people all over the world," Anna Barry, who's producing the recording for Decca Records, said in a statement. "We have to capture every note and every nuance perfectly and have the recording ready within minutes of the end of the ceremony."

Can we get a hallelujah?!

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