Kate Middleton, Prince William

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So True So False, STSF

Prince Charles has 150 of them. At Buckingham Palace there are armies of them. One of Princess Diana's closest, Paul Burrell, betrayed her with a tell-all. We're talking royal servants. 

We know, we know, it seems antiquated and ridiculous, but the stuffy royals still work with a huge staff. Being that it takes days just to set a table for one of their lavish banquets we see how they could use the extra hands.

But  Prince William and bride-to-be Kate Middleton are a low-key couple who rent a tiny cottage in Wales, and even though Wills is heir to the throne, he's still a working man.

So when we heard the lovebirds might do without household help, we decided to investigate and have learned the rumor is...

So true!

Prince William, on active duty as a rescue pilot in the Royal Air Force, has a three-year obligation to fulfill his military duty, and won't use a staff until he finishes, according to Britain's Daily Telegraph.

"It's very much their instinct to manage on their own," a royal family source told the paper of the couple's current plans. [Prince William] is not into extravagance and, like any other young officer in the armed forces, that is how he chooses to live his life."

Apparently, the duo visits their tiny island town of Anglesey to do their errands and shopping, and do all the cooking and cleaning themselves back at home.

Although they do have round-the-clock bodyguards protecting their home, they have reportedly insisted to close friends that they believe sharing their small home with help would ruin their newlywed bliss.

The big day is set for April 29 at Westminster Abbey.

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