Maybe ALF really stands for A Loudmouthed Freak?

The furry extraterrestrial 1980s puppet hitherto relegated to the dustbins of pop culture is suddenly back in the headlines after a newly surfaced blooper reel has gone viral featuring the creature dropping an N-bomb.

ALF (an acronym for Alien Life Form), manned by ALF series creator Paul Fusco, is shown flubbing lines, cussing up a storm and hitting on teenage costar Andrea Elson ("Lay down on top of me, straddle me," he tells her from bed). But then one parody goes horribly wrong.

Warning: Some viewers might find parts of this video objectionable.

Spoofing an old episode of L.A. Law in which a character with Tourette's Syndrome swears uncontrollably, the puppet repeatedly drops the N word around the 4:40 mark. To paraphrase ALF, whoa.

ALF ran from 1986-90 on NBC and the character had a brief revival as a talk-show host on TV Land in 2004. The puppet was last seen hawking long distance services for 1-800-COLLECT alongside ex-New York Met Mike Piazza.

Who knows? Maybe this blooper reel will spark renewed interest in the little guy. He'll have to make some apologies first. Rehab, perhaps?

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