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Hate to alarm you, but seeing as Kate Bosworth doesn't go anywhere these days without her drool-worthy True Blood BF Alexander Skarsgard, we wonder where the stud was earlier this week when K.B. was spotted solo at West Hollywood's Soho House.

Probably off doing whatever naughty things those sexy Swedes do when their honeys aren't around, we're sure.

But who was taking A.Skars' spot at the dinner table then?

No one.

Dressed in a white dress, a denim jacket and flat booties—and looking "gorgeous!," our Soho spy gushed—the blond babe only stopped into the H'wood hot spot for a minute, chatted with the maître d' and then left without making her way upstairs to the bar or restaurant.

How very mysterious.

Maybe she was making a reservation for later on, where she could canoodle with her man over drinks. Can't wait to see the paparazzi pictures!

Someone svelte who did stay for a meal was...

Adam Levine and pals, including members of his band Maroon 5, who stopped by the opening of Top Chef winner Rick Bayless' new restaurant, Red O.

Levine, who tends to steer clear of getting linked up with H'wood's leading gals despite his rock-star status, had an all-guys night. His table started with seven of his close dude friends and grew throughout the night, as a couple more fellas showed up to celebrate.

Also spotted at the restaurant—though not in Adam's posse—was funnyman David Spade, who discreetly dined with a friend.

Munching in style across the country was old-time heavyweight...

Burt Reynolds, in Florida to shoot a guest cameo on Burn Notice. His castmates—Jeffrey Donovan, Gabrielle Anwar and Bruce Campbell—took the actor out to celebrate at Miami Beach's recently reopened The Forge.

"The group looked like they had a total blast," a grub spy at the swanky restaurant claims.

As for what B.R. ordered? A bit of everything. The actor couldn't make up his mind, so he ordered it all!

Oh, honey. Oprah does that and, well, never mind.

Additional reporting by Martin Haro.

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