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Change isn't easy. So when Big Bang Theory got moved to Thursday nights out of the blue and we heard about Mayim Bialik's addition as a potential mate for Sheldon, we started to freak out a little. We're talking borderline breakdown here.

A few deep breaths and a chat with Jim Parsons later, we're ready for BBT's big shift...starting with tonight's finale. Here's what America's favorite faux physicist reveals:

We know Mayim's onboard for the finale and a few episodes next season. What's the scoop?
It's a lot of lead-up to this very small part. I have to say, having played the scene, having been part of it, having worked with her...I couldn't tell you at all what this is that we're about to embark on, and that's pretty intentional. Even if it's something wonderful or intense or whether or not they interact in every episode for the rest of the season, it's still going to be a very special way. It was very fitting that this is the person they matched Sheldon up with, someone who is just as hard to read.

So basically, she's Sheldon...in a dress?
At one point she has the line, "I don't know what that means" when Sheldon says something. Once again, very much like him, very blank statements, statements of fact.  Like, "I'm not going to pretend for the sake of your feelings that I understand what you're talking about, I'm just going to tell you point-blank I don't know what you're talking about." And so in that way at least, she was a complete Sheldon.

What's your reaction to fans worrying a love interest will change the beloved Sheldon?
I'm not surprised to hear this news, but I don't have any fears as far as that goes for a couple of reasons. We're in a secure enough spot that we can have fun without ever losing a grip on that thread of truth about him, of his true essence that people do love, that I love and wanted to play from day one. And really it's about the writers as far as that goes, and I know for not one second that they would let that happen.

That's a relief! Speaking of big moves, how is the cast feeling about BBT's move to Thursdays?
I am optimistically excited about it. We all know the world of television is unpredictable...but I do feel hopeful about it. It will be very exciting to be a part of a new night of comedy, a new section of comedy, whatever it turns into. My initial reaction was slight disbelief because I didn't see it coming, but as the day wore on I felt like this could be good. It will certainly keep things exciting and interesting. CBS has always been with us. From really very early on they've done these moves like this that made you realize that they have a lot of faith in the show.

Amen...even though we're still a little iffy about our favorite geeks going up against our favorite Community college kids.

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