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At the Maxim Hot 100 party Wednesday night we had a chance to dish the goss with one of our fave babes on Glee, Heather Morris.

Heather, who is so not like her fab ditzy good for one-liner character in real life, chatted with us ‘bout what's really going down with the much talked about cast. There have been rumors about the kids being overworked, the whole Newsweek fiasco wrongly targeting Jonathan Groff, and the reports that Lea Michele might be too like her divalicious character.

Here's what we uncovered…

First off, let us say we adore Ryan Murphy, especially because of how vocal he has been at protecting his cast, like Jonathan and Lea.
Ryan is very vocal with us as well. He makes sure we talk to him about anything and everything that goes on. It's like having a father. He's so smart about everything. Everything he's been speaking about, how gay [actors] can play straight—he really stands behind. Everything he does is for a good cause. Coming from behind the scenes, it's like he's never going to say anything false or make anything up. God, I support him in everything.

So we gather you support his views on the Newsweek article…
Of course.

How is Jonathan doing? Did the whole cast rally behind him?
Yes, we all have, which he knows.

So you heart Ryan and are all Team Jonathan. Two rumors down, one to go. Now what about the reports that there might be some tension on set, perhaps coming from Lea Michele's trailer….
We get along abnormally well. I was telling someone else, there was an article about how the cast of Glee is getting along just fine, and it's true.

What do you think is the key to that, then? You guys are around each other so much.
We all know our boundaries, we're with each other all the time. I mean we all have our closest friends. Me and Naya [Rivera] are close, Amber [Riley] and Chris [Colfer] are close. It's actually very reflective of the show. We're all just a family and keep each other's distance. That's how it works.

Wow, smart babe we have here!

And a total sweetheart, too, might we add. Not sure if we deciphered how exhausted the cast is (like she'd really tell us) what with their tour, filming and everything else. But it's cool how everyone in the cast supports Ryan Murphy and Jonathan Groff, agreed?

And as for how the cast handles each other, Heather gives a response we can believe. We wouldn't buy the whole happy family bit if she said they were all attached at the hip. Distance is key to any relationship, yeah? And if the actors are reflective of their characters maybe the Michele stuff isn't so far off, eh?

Just giving you a hard time, L.M. Now that you and Patrick McMullan are cool, that's good by us! Heart you, Lea, mean it.


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