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The minute–nay, the second it was announced that Idina Menzel would be guest starring on Glee, fans leapt up and proclaimed, "She must be playing Rachel's mom!" It was never confirmed, nor was it denied, and we've been speculating away based on Ryan Murphy's comments about the "Poker Face" duet.

How about we go right to the momma herself? Here's what Idina has to say about perhaps being the hottest maybe-MILF on television…

"There is much more to her than has been revealed in the first episode that I was in," the Broadway beauty teases. "I will say that her intentions are not quite evil. She's going to unravel more and show a different side to her personality." Idina remains very coy about her character's purpose, but she does throw us for a loop when she says: "Maybe I'm going to be Lea [Michele]'s lesbian lover. You never know!"

Fear not Gleeks—she's kidding. "That would probably be really inappropriate because she's playing 16," Idina laughs.

While an Idina-Rachel hookup would be the biggest shocker ever on Glee (unless Finn does turn out to be a hot tub daddy), we think we'll continue with the idea that Shelby is indeed Rachel's biological mom.

And we're told tonight you will get some answers.

Idina says the highly anticipated "Poker Face" duet is "very simple and truthful" and that "the meaning of the song, which is quite sexual apparently, is different within the context of the show."

We're also putting Ms. Menzel in the category of "please oh please bring them back next season", where she sits right next to the yummy Jonathon Groff. Does her storyline leave an opening for that? "I don't fall into a hole and break every bone in my body or something," she assures us. Well, that's good news. Idina continues: "I don't know if I'll be back. I would certainly love to and they have discussed it. But they do have a nice resolution for my character at the end of the season."

Word is, Idina is fantastic in tonight's episode, called "Dream On," which also stars Neil Patrick Harris. Must be sweeps!

Check it out tonight at 9 p.m.


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