SPOILER ALERT! Someone was sent home tonight on Dancing with the Stars. We know, shocking, right?! Go ahead, take a minute to regroup.

Still, tonight's choice of eliminee was not entirely a surprise (to the audience, anyway), but this celeb tells us that the plan was to make it a whole lot further...

"I expected to win!" said Niecy Nash immediately following her ouster tonight.

Her partner, Louie van Amstel, quickly corrected her, saying, "You did not." Trust us, this did not bode well for the pro, who then received a playful tongue-lashing from Miss Niecy.

"Oh, yes I did, are you kidding me?" she teased. "I sure did expect to win. Let me tell you what, Louie van Amstel, I never enter something expecting to lose. Who does that?!"

Dancing with the Stars, Niecy Nash, Louis Van Amstel

Adam Larkey/ABC

Not us, Niecy. No way, no how. "Every night we got to come out on this floor, I got to fulfill my dream," she says on a more serious note. "Louie helped me do that; this opportunity helped me do that. I have no complaints. I loved it."

And--silver lining, folks--we'll get to see the dynamic duo movin' and groovin' again. "We get to come back for the finale, so I've got one more dance left in me," Niecy promises.

Erin Andrews, on the other hand, was feeling a little blue after Niecy's DWTS sendoff. "I don't like Tuesdays," the ESPN star says. "It's just a lot. And I love Niecy. Over the past few weeks we've all just become so close. She is such a good woman. She cracks us up, but man, she's deep."

Echoes Maksim: "She's really smart—as funny as Niecy is, she's a super clever woman."

Sadly, those smarts didn't nab our Niecy more votes to stick around, but it was fun while it lasted.

So, did the right lady go home or did America get it wrong? Will you miss Miss Nash? Thoughts are welcome in the comments below.

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