Most of the talk around Nicolas Cage's flick Sorcerer's Apprentice has focused on its seemingly cursed production. At this point, it has a double-digit casualty rate—fortunately no serious injuries—and we can only imagine how many victims postproduction will claim.

But all that hype puts the movie under an unfair microscope; people start looking for proof of how the final product suffered because of the accidents. Now with the trailer out, we get a first look at what the filmmakers came up with when they weren't busy triaging coworkers...

The tagline is "It's not a myth, it's not your imagination." And they're right. This is an actual, real-life mess of Bruckheimer blowups, cheesy Nic Cage whisper-talking and knee-slappin' one-liners from our eager apprentice.

And even without the accidents, we're pretty sure the same meh, I'm-just-in-it-for-the-paycheck flick would have resulted. So was it worth the trouble? The crew would probably say yes. Sorcery fans will flock to theaters because, per impressed trailer girl, "Whoa, magic is hot!" Our verdict: Totally worth it.


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