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The time has come for another installment of our intermittent series Pitch a Fix, which is devoting to helping you fans help TV-show bosses who need to fix their floundering shows.

See, we've read your frustrated emails about the watchability of ABC's drama FlashForward, and it sounds like FF needs a hand if it's going to bounce back and last until season two.

So, in honor of last night's final FlashForward of 2009, we've put together some your beefs below, and then we're opening the comments for your pitches about how to cure what ails this twisty sci-fi drama...

"We really need to do something about FlashForward. It's getting lame with a quickness. If they want it to be as good as Lost, why not have character-centric stories? Not flashbacks necessarily but episodes that focus primarily on one character's story at a time. Also some character themes would be cool to help define their stories (like on Lost it's Locke being the sucker and Jack needing to fix things, Kate running away, etc). Arc out their stories and off them when finished. This is what's best for shows with large casts, I hope you can see what I'm visualizing here. I say we rally and get those producers on board with this. More character-centric stories!" —Mike M.

"I do feel they are finally finding their way, but FlashForward had some serious problems following the epic pilot. The great twist was one of the main characters committing suicide in order to change his destiny (and save the life of the woman he killed in his flashforward)...Some characters are just terrible (namely Fiennes' AA sponsor, with a terrible attempt at an American accent), and frankly, it's often boring. I'm hoping that Marc Guggenheim had something to do with its descent into suck, and now that he's gone, Goyer will take the reins more firmly toward his and Brannon Braga's original vision (no pun intended, ha ha). In sum, I thought this would be the new Lost. Not so much." —DM

Those are just a couple examples of what we've heard from you guys, so far, but we know there's more. Use the comments below to share your review of the show so far, but more importantly, put yourself in the show runner's shoes, and tell us what you would do to fix FlashForward if you had total control of the series. Who would you kill? What stories would disappear? The comments are yours!

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