Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Simple Life

Michael Yarish/FOX/E! Entertainment

It may not be a simple life for Nicole Richie and former BFF Paris Hilton anymore, but there's one simple truth 'bout these frenemy's: They just don't get along.

Nicole announced earlier this week that she would be working with ABC to create a new scripted comedy series for the network.

And for those of you who aren't up on all things Richie anymore, since she's all domestic and boring, here's what Nic said about coming up with the idea of her show

"The story revolves around a young, modern and professional woman who must balance her business and family relationships... Lately, I have been surrounded by many different women of all ages and walks of life. It amazes me to watch and observe how many different ideas there are about what a woman's role should be in this era." 

Sounds kinda promising, but we all know what makes for good TV: Paris and Nicole together. So will Richie put aside any personal differences to bring her blonde once-bud in for a cameo?

"No," sassed a bud close to Nicole.

And that was the end of that.

Hilton talk is not welcomed around Nicole or her posse. Guess there is still some major bad blood between these two LA socialites.

Big mistake, hon-pie, not to throw in the woman who, for better or worse, started you in on what you are today. Pare may have her issues, but these two gals make for funny TV. We'd like to see a cameo happen, stat. It's the least Richie could do for the blonde-babe who showed us all Nicole was actually the funny one.

Will you tune in, Hilton or not?


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