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This week The Wanted guys go to the Bahamas, Nathan gets an important update on his hurting throat, and Max finds out if he got the movie role he auditioned for!

Let's do this!

The Wanted, 106 Recap

Max comes into the kitchen with some great news from their manager Scooter Braun: They get to go to the Bahamas and perform a show!!


The trip also falls on Nathan's birthday and they're going to get to celebrate! (That's the reason for the straw hat and strange dancing above...)


So to get ready for this fun in the sun trip, Kevin and Jay decide to get some spray tans so they're not so unbelievably white.


But Jay doesn't know he's about to get a lot tanner than he wants to...

The Wanted, 106 Recap

Kevin tells the spray tan technicians to spray Jay extra dark and make him super orange. Max, Nathan, Siva and Tom all think it's a hilarious idea and eggs them on. The ladies laugh and once Jay gets in the booth, they start spraying away.


Jay starts to notice that he's looking a little too tan and everyone starts laughing at him. Siva says he's almost as dark as him and then Nareesha chimes in and says he's actually darker than her.


So how does he decide to try and get the spray tan off? He goes and rolls around in the grass...

The Wanted, 106 Recap

The guys pack up, get on a plane and finally get to the Bahamas. It is gorgeous!

The Wanted, 106 Recap

Before they can have some fun, they need to prep for their show and get in a quick soundcheck.


Nathan's voice is still really bad and he won't be able to sing live during the show. This really starts to get to him and he feels bad that he isn't able to pull his weight.

The Wanted, 106 Recap

It's Nathan's birthday and the guys notice that he's feeling a bit down in the dumps because of his voice. So they decide to surprise him on his big day!


And what's the best thing to get for a young rockstar? A boob cake!


This puts him in a much better mood and provides us with this great moment...


The Wanted, 106 Recap

(That might acutally be the greatest gif we've ever made.)


What else might make a young guy happy? A kiss from a beautiful girl!

The Wanted, 106 Recap

(Who is she, and why isn't that us?!?!)


The fun keeps on going and the guys get to pet and swim with dolphins! The guys get to pet them, play with them and even get pushed in the water by them!


This is the first time Tom has ever seen a dolphin before and he has a pretty unique observation...

The Wanted, 106 Recap

After all this fun, the guys need to get to work! If you can call being a rock star and playng for thousands of people, work.


The show goes great and everyone there can't get enough of them!

The Wanted, 106 Recap

Nathan had to "mime" the whole show and he knows his voice is only going to get worse if he doesn't do something about it.


Nano, Kevin, and Nathan call his doctor and they do not get the news they were looking for.


Nathan has to get emergency throat surgery...

The Wanted, 106 Recap

Nathan can't hide his feelings about the news and we can't even imagine what he must be feeling!


His personal health and future career is at risk and it's all weighing on this decision. A lot is on the line.

The Wanted, 106 Recap

With all this sad news, we need something to cheer us up!


Max gets a call from the screenwriter of the movie he auditioned for and he's told he got the part!


He's really excited but decides to wait to tell the guys because of everything that is happening with Nathan. It's a big deal though and he's pumped!

The Wanted, 106 Recap

Nathan tells the guys that he has to cut the trip short and head back to the U.S. to get throat surgery.


The guys are devastated and know that they won't have him around the next couple months.


This gets everyone thinking about the band's future...

The Wanted, 106 Recap

We don't want to think about it either!


The guys give Nathan words of encouragement and they all hope that this will be the thing that gets him all better.


This makes Nathan smile a bit and they come together for a big team hug!

The Wanted, 106 Recap

The Wanted love each other and we love them!


Tune in next Sunday at 10/9c for the SEASON FINALE of The Wanted Life!

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