The second episode of this season starts off with the guys of The Wanted taking a tour around their new home town of Los Angeles. Jay eventually hijacks the microphone on the double decker bus and gives some colorful commentary.

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Max's brother, Jack, comes into town and brings out Max's "immature" side. They decide to take a brotherly leap into the pool.

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But it can't always just be fun and games, there's business to be done too. In Las Vegas…

Nano, the day to day manager of the band, announces that they are performing one night in Las Vegas and Max is pumped.

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There is one rule for this voyage. It's to be a guy only, no girlfriend trip.

Tom's fine leaving Kelsey at home but this immediately sets off Siva. He wants his girlfriend, Nareesha, to be able to tag along.

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With the exciting Las Vegas news, Nathan decides to visit his Otolaryngologist (that's throat doctor for short) to make sure he'll be ok to perform on the trip.


After getting a camera shoved down his throat, Nathan finds out that he has an explosive hemorrhage and a nodule on his right vocal cord. The remedy? He has to be next to silent for about two straight weeks!

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Siva FINALLY agrees to play the show without his girlfriend and they all jump on a private jet to Las Vegas. The party starts the minute they get on the plane, during the show, and in true The Wanted fashion, continues after.


The show ends up going amazingly well and the guys seem to enjoy the hot ladies who are singing along. But the second they finish their set, Siva jumps off the stage to go to his hotel room to Skype with Nareesha.


Tom is royally (because he's British) pissed off that Siva didn't stay to party with the boys. So what does Tom do? He drinks more. And he definitely pays for it the next morning.

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The Vegas trip was an overall success but it gets Max thinking more about his love life.

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What did you think of the episode? Do the guys party too much? Should Siva have left to Skype with his girlfriend? Leave a comment below and let us know!


Tune in next Sunday at 10/9c for more The Wanted Life, only on E!


"A bit of his ball skin stuck out like a f***ing beef curtain." – Max

"You dick wipes!" – Jay

"What lad wouldn't want Vegas. It's got casinos, lots of women, strippers, bars, clubs, roller coasters through hotels…" – Max

"I think that every relationship, even if people that say they're not jealous, there is some sort of jealousy." – Nareesha

"But I love my girlfriend, so much. And who knows, the band could split up tomorrow and I'll always have my girlfriend." – Siva

"I'm not gonna lie mate, of all the people to be here with, you are the least sympathetic person I've ever met in my life." – Nathan to Nano

"I normally get bras that are like 32…double wide. I use some of them as breakfast bowls." – Max

"I'm not gonna be like, ‘Hmm, I feel so sorry that I'm getting this attention off this massive titted woman." – Max

"Traveling around the world can be tiring sometimes but when you get on that stage and watch people singing your songs back at ya, there's no better feeling than that." – Tom

"I think a lot of people have the impression that I'm a proper ladies man, but I'm quite shy sometimes." - Max

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