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    The #RichKids of Beverly Hills Argue, Take Selfies and Shop in the Series Premiere—See the Full Recap!

    #RichKids 101 Recap

    The #RichKids of Beverly Hills have arrived!

    We finally got an inside look at the lives of five privileged young adults who tend to enjoy the finer things in life.

    Fans first meet Dorothy Wang and Morgan Stewart who have been BFFs for several years.

    Whether shopping for Birkins on Rodeo Drive, snapping selfies in great lighting or scrolling through Instagram, these two do everything together and aren't afraid to speak their minds.  Plus, one of them wants to be the "Asian Sensation" of the world.

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    #RichKids 101 Recap
    #RichKids 101 Recap

    Morgan and Dorothy decide to meet up with Roxy Sowlaty, Jonny Drubel and Brendan Fitzpatrick (Morgan's boyfriend) for a lavish evening out. Apparently, this group won't hesitate to drop thousands—and we mean thousands—of dollars on food and drinks.

    This night, however, Dorothy has the bill covered. "Sometimes you have to give back," she says.

    #RichKids 101 Recap
    #RichKids 101 Recap

    Dorothy and Morgan end up telling the group about their upcoming blood drive. Yes, there is more to life than shopping and partying. Unfortunately, Jonny isn't happy to find out the event won't accept blood from homosexuals.

    "Honestly, that kind of annoys me," Jonny says. "Why are my friends giving to a charity that doesn't support me as a person?"

    #RichKids 101 Recap

    The issue continues the next day when Dorothy tries to clear things up at Jonny's music studio. Sadly, there's still a lot of bad blood between the two.

    "You should have my back in this situation, which you don't," Jonny proclaims. 

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    #RichKids 101 Recap

    Dorothy enlists the help and advice of her other gay friend, EJ Johnson, who thinks she's handling the situation well. If Jonny shows up to the blood drive, that's great. If he doesn't? That's good too.

    #RichKids 101 Recap

    As the big day arrives, Dorothy pulls out the red carpet for her charity event. After much hesitation, Morgan and Brendan finally agree to donate blood. They survive...just barely!

    #RichKids 101 Recap
    #RichKids 101 Recap

    And towards the end of the event, Jonny even shows up to support his close friend.

    "What happened in the studio…that's not me," Jonny said. "I was literally out of my mind. I'm sorry."

    #RichKids 101 Recap

    Peace is restored in Beverly Hills…for now!

    The two-part season premiere of #RichKids of Beverly Hills continues Monday night at 10/9c only on E!

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