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Wait, we can afford some of the #RichKids of Beverly Hills' favorite things?!

Yes, it's true! Even though Dorothy Wang, Morgan Stewart and the rest of the cast appear to have unlimited credit cards, some of their most coveted items don't even come close to breaking the bank.

Brendan Fitzpatrick loves bulking up at the gym. Jonny Drubel loves a good album from Céline Dion Finally, Roxy Sowlaty is obsessed with her four-legged pooch.

To be fair, some of their tastes are quite expensive. But whatever your budget may be, take a look at what this cast can't live without. 

Rich Kids, Dorothy Wang

Instagram, E!

Dorothy Wang

1) Bed, Bath & Beyond Shopping Sprees: During the holiday season, we spotted this photo of Dorothy's jam-packed shopping carts. Hope she brought her 20 percent off coupons!

2) Barton Perreira Sunglasses: "I'm very into them," she told E! News. "It's hard for me to find sunglasses so when I found one I liked, I got one in every single color. All in the same shape in different colors."  

3) Chef Emeril's Banana Cream Pie: "My favorite #bananacreampie, Thanks Emeril!" the star Instagrammed while visiting the famous chef's restaurant in Las Vegas.

Rich Kids, Brendan Fitzpatrick

Instagram, E!

Brendan Fitzpatrick

1) Los Angeles Clippers: "I have season tickets to the Clippers," he told E! News. "I've had them for 12 years." His favorite player? Chris Paul, who also happens to visit his country club.

2) Working Out: Brendan is so dedicated to working out that he hit the gym during Coachella. "Nochella?" he shared in an empty fitness studio.

3) Girlfriend Morgan Stewart: "I spend every free moment with her," the real estate broker said. "When it clicks, it clicks. I can honestly say she's my best friend."

Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, Instagram

Morgan Stewart

1) Selfies: "I've taken so many selfies on my f---ing phone today, it's embarrassing," the 25-year-old confesses in a preview for the show's premiere.

2) Bras: One of Morgan's top 3 accessories has to be the bra. "I put my license in it when I go out," she said. "It's necessary. I need it."

3) Instagram: When asked what her favorite app was, the BoobsandLoubs blogger confidently proclaimed her love for the photo site. "We don't look like different people on our Instagram," she added. "I just do a light filter. If you have a double filter, you need to take another picture."

Rich Kids, Roxy Sowlaty

Instagram, E!

Roxy Sowlaty

1) Phone Cases: "This week's phone cases deliveries," the 25-year-old Instagrammed with five blinged-out accessories. The weekly purchases are made on Amazon.

2) Her Precious Pooch: "My little dog Lychee Lou is a little five-pound Maltese. She's like my obsession," Roxy told E! News.

3) Handbags: "Don't buy a cheap bag. Save up and buy one really nice bag," she advised to the ladies. "Don't buy three ugly cheap ones. Buy one expensive one. That's my rule."

Celine Dion, Jonny Drubel

Tyler Golden/NBC, E!

Jonny Drubel

1) Céline Dion: "The most talented person, and the person I most respect would have to be Céline Dion because I have never heard her hit a bad note, ever," Jonny said. "I love her. Her music strikes a chord with me."

2) The Holidays: Whether in Paris or at home in Beverly Hills, Jonny couldn't stop celebrating the holidays on Instagram.

3) Making Music: "I would like to be able to make a living doing music," Jonny confessed to E! News. "Whether that be singing, whether that be writing, I don't care. Music is my passion."

- Additional Reporting By Jeffrey Wisenbaugh

Watch the two-night season premiere of #RichKids of Beverly Hills this Sunday and Monday at 10/9c only on E!

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