Hollywood Medium 207


Oops, Tyler Henry did it again!

Tonight's fall finale of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry was filled with tears of sadness, joy and redemption as the renowned clairvoyant met with Total Bellas stars Nikki Bella and Brie Bella, Dr. Paul Nassif, Tori Spelling and Los Angeles Laker player Metta World Peace to offer life-changing words of comfort and reassurance from their loved ones on the other side.

The celebrities' reactions to Tyler's mind-blowing gift ranged from disbelief to amazement, and they all couldn't stop singing his praises after their experiences. "That was a thousand times more than I expected," Paul said. "It was absolutely incredible. It just made me feel fantastic."

The Bella Twins completely agreed—and Nikki even took it one step further. "I'm in shock. I expected a lot, but then I got even more from Tyler," she gushed. "He was the sweetest man I have ever met, just so cute and sweet. I feel like if anyone ever hurts him, I will totally have to kick their butt!"

Keep reading to recap the episode's most memorable moments!

Hollywood Medium 207


1. Tyler connected with Nikki Bella and Brie Bella's grandfather: "Please know that he's around, and he loves you both so much," Tyler told the Bellas. "From his perspective, he feels like he was loved. He acknowledged that he knew that his hand was being held and that came through, and he was so appreciative of that."

Tyler then brought up a reference to Frank Sinatra and his song "Fly Me to the Moon." Nikki and Brie explained that detail made complete sense because of a sentimental memory with their grandfather. "[He] would always tell us that he loves us over the moon, under the sun and in and out of the stars," Nikki said. "He loved listening to Frank Sinatra, so my boyfriend [John Cena] and I now love listening to Frank Sinatra. We listen to it all the time."

Hollywood Medium 207


2. The Bella Twins' grandfather predicted a baby's on the way: "He is acknowledging that he is with a child on the other side that hasn't been born yet," Tyler revealed. "But what's interesting, this child will be born over the course of the next two years. I don't know who it's for, but it's coming through."

Brie was especially excited about this news because she's been trying to get pregnant. "It is not even remotely impossible," Tyler reassured her. "I think if anything it's incredibly likely, so that's really exciting. I think you guys are on the right track."

3. Brie Bella's late boyfriend shared a touching message: Brie became visibly emotional as Tyler connected with her high school sweetheart, Edward, who was nicknamed "Bear." Tyler picked up on the fact that he was involved in a vehicle mishap, and the twins confirmed he had been killed in a car accident by a drunk driver. "When he passed away, we were seniors in high school, and it was very sudden and very tragic," Brie said. "It's still hard for me to get over. He meant so much to me."

Tyler then revealed Bear was making a reference to her husband, Daniel Bryan, and showing the symbol for a thumbs up in acknowledgement of her marriage. Brie then handed Tyler a bear sculpture that he had made for her in art class. "He says you have two," Tyler replied after holding the figurine. "There are two. He's pointing at the paw."

Brie knew exactly what he was referring to and unbuttoned her pants to show the two bear claw tattoos on her lower stomach. "I got these in memory of him," she said. "I got those when he passed, so that's what he meant."

4. Dr. Paul Nassif broke down in tears over his mom's death: The Botched doctor and his sister, Alexis, were both overcome with emotion as Tyler communicated with their deceased mother. "I want you know that when she comes through the connection that she has to you on the other side is so close," Tyler said. "No matter what time wasn't able to be spent in the physical world, she comes through so connected to you and in such a young, lively, kind of beautiful, beautiful, beautiful way, and that's how she wanted to be remembered."

Paul eventually composed himself and revealed why her passing was so painful for the family. "She shouldn't have died, died too early," he said. "A complication happened in surgery and then they came out and said, 'Your mom may not make it. She's bleeding a lot. She's probably going to die.' Just like that. We almost passed out right there."

He continued, "The next 30, 31 days was an emotional roller coaster and she died. What still haunts us to this day, I'm blaming myself thinking if I was there and would have spoken to the doctor and would have said this, would she still be living today?"

Hollywood Medium 207


5. Metta World Peace recalled his cousin's death: Tyler was able to communicate with Metta's grandmother, and she made a connection to a child in the family who passed away. "There's a reference to a story about someone drowning," Tyler explained. "I feel like I'm in water, and I feel like I don't make it out of the water for some reason."

Metta became somber before acknowledging it was his cousin. "I was young, and my cousin drowned in Queensbridge," he said. "It was unfortunate, young too." Tyler told him that child has a very close connection with his grandma. "It's like close, and they would be together," he told the basketball player. "Hopefully, that provided some comfort."

Hollywood Medium 207


6. Tori Spelling didn't get the connection she wanted: Tori was hoping to connect with her father, Aaron Spelling, so she handed Tyler an old typewriter he used to write scripts. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to feel her dad's presence, but she took that as good sign. "It's funny, whenever I meet with psychics, the first thing they say is, 'Your father's coming through,'" she explained. "And that always makes me hesitant because that's an obvious go-to. It's almost kind of nice that he didn't come with you because I know you're the real deal, and if he didn't come he didn't feel like coming."

"I find that sometimes when people don't come through with a message it's just because they are completely fine and are content and are at peace," Tyler told her.

7. Tori's best friend apologized for his death: "There is a reference in his own way to a bit of an apology in his passing," Tyler told her. "Does that make sense to you?" Tori confirmed he was talking about her best friend, Jeremy, who died from a heart condition.

She then explained that the night before he passed, she could tell something was off. "It wasn't like I knew Jeremy was going to die, but I remember thinking something wasn't right," she said. "I don't think you ever get that feeling back. You always wish you had that extra moment."

Tyler then said Jeremy was placing significance on his smile and showing a cheesy grin. "His smile was a big thing," Tori said. "We would laugh about that smile and that would be our connection."

"It was so nice to reconnect and know that he came through," she added. "He oversees our friendship every day, and I can thank Tyler for that."

Watch a brand new episode of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry Wednesday at 9 p.m., only on E!

Season 3 of Total Bellas premieres spring 2018!

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