Katie Holmes

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival

When we saw these alarming photos of Katie Holmes attending the premiere of Boulevard at the Tribeca Film Festival, we quickly checked New York's weather from this past weekend. Based on Katie's appearance, we were certain that Manhattan must have been hit with a stifling heat wave.

How else could one explain the smears of blue eyeliner under her eyes and the "I've been chasing Suri through a dirty wind tunnel" hair? Even if the actress's hair was perfection, there's no way one would have been able to get past the eye makeup disaster. We've seen our share of makeup blunders on the red carpet, but the mess under Katie's eyes goes into the "makeup don't" hall of fame.

Beauty Bailout: We know Katie's bangs are still pretty new, but she needs to learn how to style them! Just a couple days ago we saw her rocking wispy sexy bangs with a beautiful blowout. Bring that look back!

We're thinking she wanted to experiment with beachy hair, but this was more like "I got stuck on a beach during a hurricane" hair. No bueno.

As for Katie's makeup, we fear that creamy concealer and oily eyeliner were to blame. If you use a concealer that has too much oil or slip, when you blink your eyes your eyeliner will turn you into a Picasso.

Fix this by using a non-drying solid concealer that won't cake, like Cle de Peau Beaute Concealer. Using your ring finger, lightly tap on the concealer only where you need to hide darkness (in other words, don't cover the entire area).Then, blend by blotting with a dampened makeup sponge.

If the skin under your eyes is not dry or creased, you can set your concealer with a setting powder like MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Microfinish Powder. Use a small loose brush to lightly dust under the eye area.

To ensure your eyeliner stays where it's supposed to, use a long-lasting eyeliner pencil like Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Pencil. Create a line along your upper lash line, making the line gradually thicker as you get towards the outer corners.

If you live in a humid climate or get stuck in a hot yoga studio, lock in eyeliner by going over the line with a matching eye shadow. Use an angled eyeliner brush dipped in the eye shadow to layer over the eyeliner.

We were really shocked and disappointed to see Katie in disaster mode. This is a woman who always looks chicwhether she's hitting up premieres or taking her daughter to school. We'll just have to chock the bad hair up to a transitional period for her new bangs.

As for the makeup…well, we're not that forgiving. Who leaves the house (and hits a red carpet no less) with Whatever Happened to Baby Jane makeup? We can assure you that Suri didn't see her mom before she left the house. The little style maven never would have stood for such shenanigans.

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