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    Bro Stole My Coat! Scott Disick vs. Kanye West in Furry Outerwear Domination

    Scott Disick, Kanye West AKM-GSI

    This headline should technically read, "almost bro-in-law stole my coat," but we decided not to get technical about Scott Disick and Kanye West's Kardashian connection.

    The last thing we want to do is insight a Kourtney Kardashian vs. Kim Kardashian riot, and lord knows a style steal is just the thing to do it.

    Plus, there is a world in which Lord Disick's outwear was a gift from his new pal, Yeezus. The "Bound 2" singer sported his Ermanno Scervino fur over a year ago.

    Maybe he's getting into the soon-to-be-family spirit by giving Scott a hand-me-down? If so, this is officially the most adorable 3K gift we can imagine!

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    Unfortunately we now need to take this potentially sweet spirit and turn it into a clothing competition. We'll be kind and leave our feelings about this fur situation out of the battle (note: they're not kind).

    Kanye's styling on the army-green look has his typical high-fashion flair. The wrapped flannel is super trendy and the black jeans and sneaks are equally on trend.

    Scott, on the other hand, appears to be wearing a pair of women's jeans from the 1990s. We're fans of the black t-shirt and shoes, but skin-tight motorcycle jeans do not a man's-man make.

    We're calling this a Kanye (and therefore Kim) win. What's your take?

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