Sarah Jessica Parker, The Commons Of Pensacola, NYC

Darla Khazei, PacificCoastNews

Is Sarah Jessica Parker prepping for a third Sex and the City movie where we fast-forward to the famous friends' retirement community years? If so, we're dying to see how the rest of the gang is handling 65+ style.

This sweater and skirt combo looks like something our grandma would wear on a trip to Vegas with her knitting circle! Yes, there's some glitz and glam, but the copper color drags it down, as does the long skirt length.

We'd love to see the ensemble without this Sonia Rykiel jacket covering up what could be a sexy, rose gold silk lamé pleated Rocha dress. We could even get behind the tight-fit top with a sexy pair of skinny jeans. But their forces combined are way too old lady for our tastes, and the vintage t-strap shoes aren't helping.

What's your take?

A Fashion Police Nov 22 Poll
What's your say on SJP's old-lady look?
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