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Sarah Jessica Parker just jumped on board the Twitter train last week and now she's trying her hand at Instagram!

The Sex and the City star has already made a splash with her quirky tweets, but seems to have really found her secret talent: taking bizarre photos throughout New York City.

The 48-year-old has a penchant for snapping off-center photos, and adding an artistic angle to each one as well, but seems to be shy of tossing a filter on anything so far.

Maybe she's still not proficient with the app? Lauren Conrad, can you help her out? Thanks!

Sarah Jessica Parker, Instagram


Two of SJP's seven posts demand the most attention…namely, her most recent post of a used Elmo loofah sitting on top of a subway crate.

For some reason, the brightly colored shower accessory struck a nerve with the blond actress.

"Tempted to pick him up and bring him home. But quickly imagined and hoped for its rightful owner retracting steps to a reunion," she captioned the picture.

Sarah. Jessica. Freaking. Parker. Do not pick up a used body scrubber from off the city streets! You're a lady, for crying out loud!

While it's all nice and lovely to think that someone is currently penning a Craigslist missed connections ad for their beloved Sesame Street sponge, odds are high that that's not gonna happen.

Sarah Jessica Parker, Instagram


But as they say, one man's trash…

Next up is her shnazzy snap of the 42nd street subway stop. Is the picture off center? You bet. Tilted to the side? But of course!

SJP wrote, "The tile work is just like jewelry. And the various greens are just gorgeous."

Truly magnificent. Like the Cartier or Harry Winston gems she dons on the red carpet.

But all jokes aside, it's nice to see that the mother of three is as madly in love with the Big Apple as her famous character was in the hit HBO series.

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