Miranda Kerr

Cindy Ord/Getty Images for GILT

Well this encouraging!

We usually see stars like Miranda Kerr in crazy cocktail dresses, micro minis or over-the-top gowns, but here, she's in a look we can assemble from the contents of our closet, and she still looks smokin' hot! Yes, she is an internationally famous supermodel, but if you ignore her gorgeous face and perfect body (we know it's hard), she just looks like a super fashionable girl next door!

So, how does she do it? Or, in other words, how can we copy it? Let's dissect from the bottom up.

Boots don't need five inch heels or thigh-high height to be sexy. Mrs. Orlando Bloom's flat "riding" version have an almost biker chick feel making her look like a tough girl...from Connecticut. Then there are the simple jeans. They're not ripped, embellished or colored and they fit perfectly, giving her legs all the attention. But to us, it's all about this simple black blouse. It's just sheer and low enough to show off her top without going overboard.

Now please excuse us while we go find all three of these items in our closet.

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