Confession: we spent the first few minutes examining Beyoncé's new do before we turned our attention to this equally eye-catching dress.

Once we shifted focus, though, we couldn't stop staring. Are those horns and leaves on the "Single Ladies" singer's Roberto Cavalli frock? Or are they strange insects with long, white tentacles? And would you call that color pink, peach or maybe sherbert? 

We're used to seeing Blue Ivy's momma in some interesting ensembles, but this frock is somehow less fierce than her typical wears. The pastel palette and strange pattern almost looks like wallpaper that should be hanging in a Boca Raton 1975.

The comparison probably proves that this fall in our "Make It Stop" list, but what's your say?

AA Fashion Police August 19 Poll
What do you think of Beyonce's colorful couture?
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