Mindy Kaling

Jonathan Leibson/WireImage

We don't even know where to begin with this look...

We realize Mindy Kaling is wearing a Marc Jacobs ensemble, but that just means the eccentric designer and former Office actress both made a big mistake. Why so many flowers? Why so much fabric?? Why the old lady cut on the skirt and top???

We're not sure what might save this style, but we'd start with a tighter top against the long skirt. The Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me writer looks way wider than she is on account of the blousy, tucked-in top. Next we'd scratch one of the floral patterns. They're bold enough on their own, but way too much combined. And finally, we know white pumps are in, but in this case they just add to the old-age effect of this ensemble.

And so we're left with a vintage, side-slung bag. That can stay. Considering everything, it's actually our favorite part of the look.

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