Gillian Anderson

Fred Duval/Getty Images

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Whatever group of aliens has been keeping X-Files alum Gillian Anderson hostage all these years, it's good to see that they've finally returned her intact.

And, check it out, she brought two moons along from her space travels.

In fact, it appears that these interplanetary travelers even supplied the actress with one of their own uniforms for her return to Earth. Love the ultra-light titanium space weave, gurl! Or, whatever that metal is. Clearly it can withstand enough heat to send you through Earth's atmosphere and a gauntlet of paparazzo flashbulbs—now that is some serious alien technology.

As far as those two mysterious, glowing orbs you've brought back with you, we only assume they're a pair of satellites. Either way, we suspect Mulder will definitely want to take a closer look at those.

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