Ashley Tisdale, Liberty Ross


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Do not look directly at any of these photos or you might turn to stone! Your face will melt! You'll become a mindless zombie and convinced that it's 1980—all! Over! Again!

Seriously, what is wrong with Ashley Tisdale? Oh, wait, we know: She was a year old in 1986, and therefore does not remember the faded and bleach-splashed denim trends of that era, generally known among fashionistas as the Terror.

Fine. She's excused. But Liberty Ross? She was, like, 8years old back then. She was speaking and understanding full sentences. She should know better than to wander around in a jacket last worn by Bruce Springsteen during his Born in the USA tour.

Unless, of course, we're wrong. Which of these denim demons is scarier?

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Whose denim is giving you nightmares?
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