Elizabeth Banks, Anna Kendrick

Giulio Marcocchi/Sipa USA

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Here comes Pitch Perfect, a movie where white girls say stuff like, "Let's remix this business!"

It's also a project where women in their mid-20s pretended to be college kids for weeks and weeks. By the time the premiere came around, we imagine that Anna Kendrick was dying to wear something, anything, that didn't say Juicy or Pink on the ass. And hooray for her, because the asses on tan-and-gold McQueen gowns don't say anything. Except, maybe, "Congrats on affording me" in invisible thread that only Saudi princesses can see.

The question of the hour, however, is this: Did Kendrick, the star of this film, look better than co-star Elizabeth Banks, the producer of said film who also—and you know it's not a coincidence—wore McQueen?

We would say that Banks wore black because she wanted to be taken seriously as a producer, but the dress has a hole under the ta-tas, which kind of defeats that whole purpose.

We're done here—time for you to vote.

The Fashion Police September 25 Poll
When it comes to the 'Pitch Perfect' premiere, who stole the show?
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