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We were about to launch into a long screed about how nobody should ever steal one of Jennifer Lopez's looks.

That is, unless you like dressing up in bedazzled track suits or parachutes made out of the satin sheets at San Simeon.

But then along came this tangerine bodycon dress with fabulous grosgrain strappage. And even though J.Lo wore it first, we can say that this definitely was no fashion robbery by Victoria Beckham...

Why? Because Posh Spice designed the thing! The frock is from the soccer star wife's Spring 2012 collection, to be exact.

Now let's look at accessories and see who decked herself out best.

As far as shoes are concerned, we love both the Lanvin ankle-strap sandals that Lopez wore with her look and the nude Zanottis that Beckham chose.

But we're not fond of the rest of J.Lo's jewels—as the former Mrs. Marc Anthony has never met a shiny bauble she didn't like—but when you're wearing a color this bright, less is more.

What's your verdict when it comes to Beckham vs. Lopez?!

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Who wore this Victoria Beckham sheath best?!
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