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    Jessie James Celebrates Her Bachelorette Party in Miami on Eric & Jessie: Game On—See the Full Recap!

    In case you missed Sunday night's episode of Eric & Jessie: Game On or you just want to relive it, we've got the best moments from the show in a full pic/gif recap!

    Eric Decker and Jessie James' wedding day is quickly approaching and it's time to party before the big day.

    Denver Bronco's player, Demaryius Thomas (DT), joins Eric for lunch and they discuss the upcoming trip to Lake Tahoe.

    DT mentions his fear of the water, but Eric says he'll be fine and there's nothing to worry about.

    Eric says they should be worried about their team and getting to the championship. He's got a goal in mind!

    Eric & Jessie, EP 104

    On his way to training camp, Eric's agent gives him a call and they discuss how he's feeling.

    Eric says he's feeling great but the week is getting him tired. This Tahoe trip will be just what he needs!

    Eric & Jessie, EP 104

    Back at the house, Jessie is meeting with the wedding planner and things aren't looking good.

    Only six people have RSVP'd so far and there's a lot more to plan.

    Jessie's shocked.

    Eric & Jessie, EP 104

    Jess calls her mom on Skype and does some much needed venting.

    Things are becoming too much to handle.

    Eric & Jessie, EP 104

    Jessie is worried about her career suffering. She needs to plan the wedding, Eric's gone and lots of other stuff is happening.

    Jessie has to deal with all of it. Everyone has their breaking point...

    Eric & Jessie, EP 104

    Her mom gives her some really good advice and says that she believes in Jessie and that she's going to come over and help. So nice of her!

    Jessie admits it's mostly because Eric's gone now. She misses him a lot.

    Eric & Jessie, EP 104

    Jessie finally gets everything under control and heads down to Miami with her sister, Sydney, and some of her girlfriends.

    It's time to de-stress and have some fun!

    Eric & Jessie, EP 104

    The ladies make their way into the beautiful hotel they're staying in and it's time to pop the bubbly!

    Eric & Jessie, EP 104

    (We can't stop laughing at her reaction...)

    The ladies start to talk about the men from Miami and one of Jessie's friends gets a little overzealous.

    We can't even write down what she said that the men there like to do...


    Eric & Jessie, EP 104

    The girls have some mimosa's and head to the beach for some fun.


    Eric & Jessie, EP 104

    We don't know if it's the mimosas or something else, but the ladies decide to play "Dare or Dare" (no truth involved) and Sydney starts to get crazy.

    She'll do any dare and she actually kisses some random guy from Canada!

    Eric & Jessie, EP 104

    Jessie says Sydney is known to be a goody two-shoes but that Syd has a pretty wild side when dared to do things. She doesn't back down from a challenge.

    Like getting on some random guy's wakeboard...

    Eric & Jessie, EP 104

    Or jumping on a random guy's back...

    Eric & Jessie, EP 104

    Sydney's letting loose and having some fun!


    Eric & Jessie, EP 104

    Meanwhile, Jessie and Syd's mom is back home, making phone calls to the wedding's guest list to get everyone's RSVP.

    How sweet of her!

    Eric & Jessie, EP 104

    Eric and the guys finally get to Lake Tahoe and things start off with a bang.

    Eric & Jessie, EP 104

    They all head out for a boat ride and DT's fear of the water catches up to him.

    He makes sure to put on all of the proper safety equipment...


    Eric & Jessie, EP 104

    While out on the open sea lake, the guys spot another boat with a bunch of bros onboard.

    Eric & Jessie, EP 104

    Looks harmless, right?


    Eric & Jessie, EP 104

    And then there was this guy...

    Eric & Jessie, EP 104

    Eric and his friends decide to join their party and it only gets crazier.

    Beers were thrown, everyone was chanting and things got a little out of hand...

    Eric & Jessie, EP 104

    In Miami, Jessie goes shopping for some "evening wear" for her wedding night.

    We think Eric will approve...

    Eric & Jessie, EP 104

    The two separate parties come to a close with the guys playing a round of golf and the girls having a quiet night out.

    Everyone's still alive after all the craziness.

    Eric & Jessie, EP 104
    Eric & Jessie, EP 104

    Eric and Jessie make it home and they tell each other about their parties.

    Jessie finds out about the strippers on the other boat but Eric promises that nothing happened.

    They're finally reunited and it's so cute!

    Eric & Jessie, EP 104

    Next Sunday, everything comes together and Eric and Jessie have their big wedding day! We can't wait!

    Check next week for another full recap.

    Tune-in next Sunday at 10/9c for an all NEW episode of Eric & Jessie: Game On!

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