Mrs. Eastwood & Company Recap: Mayhem in Maui

Sun., Jun. 10, 2012 10:00 PM PDT by Erin La Rosa

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This week on Mrs. Eastwood & Company, the family is saying aloha to Carmel and aloha to Maui, Hawaii! (See what we did there?)

And guess who's coming along with them?! That's right, everyone's favorite photographer-daredevil-beau, Tyler Shields.

"My dad started building this house when I was a little girl," Francesca Eastwood explains. "I'm extra excited about this trip because this is the first time Tyler's on family vacation and I hope it's the first of many."

Time will certainly tell, Francesca, but Dina Eastwood admits up front that she's got some apprehensions about him...

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Meanwhile, as Overtone prepares to head to Maui to perform their first show in Hawaii, they have some rather personal business to discuss: Whether Eddie and Riaan are dating or not.

"The guys have been having side conversations about it, but we need to address it as a band," Emile says. "I just want to make sure that whatever is going on between Eddie and Riaan—it doesn't affect us in a negative way."

But when the guys meet up for the discussion, Eddie is a little offended at being interrogated about his personal life. "How is this even relevant?" Eddie asks. "How is this affecting Overtone?"

Though, Riaan admits, "There has been something in the past. It's not easy coming out. Eddie is the first guy that I had a physical encounter with. But I put on the brakes and I tell him, ‘I don't think this is a good idea.'"

Brakes or not, the rest of the band doesn't know what to think and neither does Eddie.

"It really upsets me," Eddie explains. "The way that they think they can tell me who I may and may not see…Me and Riaan, we are just friends at the moment, but I have fallen in love with him and no one knows this, not even he."

Well, funny thing about TV shows, Eddie, people tend to watch them—guess the secret's out!

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While on the island, love is beating ever stronger between Francesca and Tyler, who jump right into the swing of things with a dip in the pool. Or, a nude canon ball for Francesca and leap off the roof for Tyler.

"Within two minutes I'm getting discombobulated by this behavior," Dina says. "I'm with a bunch of 15 year olds and I don't want them getting any ideas."

Ideas like, the fact that it's OK for Francesca and Tyler to stay in the same room and house together? Because you know Momma Eastwood will be having none of that.

"Nobody wants to be the bad guy," Dina admits. "But I know what Clint [Eastwood] and I want, so now I get to be the mean mom who tells the grown man, Tyler Shields, that he can't stay in our house."

Guess who has something to say about that? Good old Tyler! "Dina, you're sexually repressed," he says.

Those are fighting words, Tyler, and Dina says, "Tyler is being rude and mean, how could you be so disrespectful in my house?"

Will Dina blow a fuse when it comes to handling Francesca's boyfriend? Will Overtone be able to get past the fact that Eddie and Riaan had-but-still-might-have a relationship? So many unanswered questions!

To find out what happens next, tune in to an all new episode of Mrs. Eastwood & Company next Sunday, June 17 at 10/9 c only on E!