Tori Spelling

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for IMG

ABC is reportedly developing a daytime talk show with Tori Spelling. I actually think this is great. Aside from annoying Dr. Phil, there are barely any men in daytime. 

They are also hoping to find a co-host who will serve as Tori's "best friend forever." I don't know who they have in mind but outside of Megan Fox, I'm pretty sure Brian Austin Green isn't doing anything. 

They would like for the two to have a Will and Grace vibe, so they are on the hunt for the other star of the show.  Looking for a co-star to put up with Tori actually sounds like a better show than what they're developing. 

I don't know what this means for that stupid Home Sweet Hollywood show, but if it's going off of the air I would like to be informed. I'll need to find something else to cry myself to sleep to.