Lindsay Lohan

Dario Alequin/

Lindsay Lohan can't seem to keep her name from being associated with the word steal. Coats, jewelry, her own youth...all allegedly stolen by Lindsay. The latest rumor is that she ripped off designs for her line of leggings, 6126. James Millis, designer of Black Milk Clothing, went to his blog and posted the similarities in his own designs and Lindsay's new brand. I looked at the photos that he was upset about, and he is right...Her "new" design is pretty much exactly like a pair that he sells. They both have a "diamond-shaped cut-out" in the thigh. I have no idea if the girl stole his designs or not, but for once I am actually going to back Lindsay up. It's leggings. There are only so many things you can do to a pair of those things. If two people had the same idea to design a pair with a cut-out in the thigh, it isn't that surprising. It sounds uncomfortable and like it might chafe the person wearing them, but not surprising. Now if he retaliates and comes out with a pair of leggings that smell like cigarettes and Red Bull, we'll have a real case on our hands.