Alex Rodriguez, Kate Hudson

Michael Buckner/AMA2009/Getty Images for DCP

The New York Post reported that Alex Rodriguez has already moved on from his breakup with Kate Hudson. The Post claims A-Rod "hooked up with a gorgeous blonde" and that he met her at a gym in Miami. Kate is reportedly devastated, since she hoped he'd "beg her" to take him back. I personally don't think anybody has to beg Kate Hudson. She seems up for anything. As for people meeting at the gym, I'm sick of hearing about it. I don't understand how people find someone they're attracted to while climbing a fake set of stairs. The gym is annoying enough to have to go to; I don't want to see people running around trying to hook up. That's what the steam room is for. The only time I've even come close to getting some action at a gym was when I took a yoga class and thought that downward facing dog was a buddy exercise.